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Quality Auto Accident Chiropractic Therapy Options in North Miami Beach

Golden Glades Car Accident Chiropractor is your option for whiplash treatment and therapies for general neck pain and back pain after a car accident. If you or your loved one have recently been in an accident, visit a clinic near you to receive a thorough evaluation and care options that will help reduce your pain and discomfort. (Our Practise)

North Miami Chiropractor
-Jared Rose, DC

Jared Rose, DC has practiced Chiropractic in North Miami for over 16 years. A native of Florida, he graduated with an Engineering degree from University of Florida and graduated at the top of his class from Life Chiropractic College in the Atlanta area. He has been involved with Toastmasters International for years, and has won numerous awards for public speaking. He regularly speaks to clubs, groups, and organizations about various health related topics.

He has served as a corporate consultant for large companies, like Alibaba Asia and also has private coaching clients. He has been entrusted to take care of weekend warriors!

He is happily married, has 1 child that were born at home with the help of a midwife, and enjoys wakeboarding and snow skiing. He recently published the book “The North Miami Car Accident Clinic!

Autumn Belanger, CA

Director of Operations

Autumn started as a part time employee, answering phones and scheduling patients. She quickly learned all aspects of the business and eventually started doing business development to fuel growth and expansion.

With an acute understanding of all aspects of the business, she is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of SNC’s marketing as well as clinic operations. Before joining SNC, Autumn was the featured vocalist in many headlining shows on the North Miami Strip.

She has many ties to the entertainment industry, as well as the sports world since she married a professional hockey player that was the Captain of, then became the coach, of the North Miami Wranglers Hockey team. Autumn is a licensed Chiropractic Assistant.

Eric Prall, DC

Managing Medical Director

Eric has vast experience in the medicolegal field. He is responsible for all licensed medical professionals and manages all patient treatment and protocols at SNC.

Prior to joining SNC, he has owned and operated chiropractic clinics in Dallas, Texas. Eric has an MBA as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Michelle Perl, DC

Melissa Anderson DC

Marlene Duffy DC

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Meet our compassionate care team and chiropractors when you schedule your first appointment at a clinic near you! Southern Nevada Chiropractic Car Accident Centers is proud to serve North Miami, Henderson, and beyond with unparalleled treatment options for neck pain, back pain, whiplash, and other types of pain or discomfort.(Our Practise)


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