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Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

In our bodies, we have a large nerve that runs from the lower back to the lower parts of each leg called sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve becomes pinched or injured, pain radiates to the back, hips, buttocks, and legs. Here at City Chiropractic, our chiropractors in North Miami Beach can treat your sciatic nerve pain with our holistic treatment methods.  

Sciatica Symptoms

Most people who have this condition will notice the discomfort on one leg. However, it can be felt in both legs if it is severe. The pain can become worse if not treated right away. Symptoms for this condition includes:

  • Pain that affects the back to the legs
  • Weakness, or inability to move the leg
  • Tingling, numbness, searing, or burning sensation
  • Pain when sitting or when trying to stand up
  • Mild or excruciating pain

Treatment for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain

Our chiropractors can relieve the nerve pressure with chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises. Both of these treatment modalities are non-invasive and safe, and can restore your movement, improve overall function, and reduce the pain.

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