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You need to ensure that your insurance company and your attorney have all of the information that they need to claim that the other driver is responsible for the collision. This means that you must go to the emergency room as was stated so definitively above. Even common injuries from car accidents do not necessarily present themselves until days after the crash occurred. If you allow yourself to be examined, your doctor can find any hidden injuries, and you can receive treatment right away. The most common injuries from car accidents include the following: 

  • Internal injuries are very common. These include punctured lungs, collapsed lungs, internal bleeding, abdominal injuries and injuries to your other organs. 
  • Fractures are also prevalent to the legs, arms, ribs, feet and shoulders. 
  • Neck injuries are also typical. Some examples are whiplash, cervical fractures, sprains and cervical disc nerve impingements. 
  • Traumatic brain injury and concussions occur frequently. 
  • Several back injuries can be routine, such as spinal cord injuries, cervical injuries, thoracic injuries, lumbar injuries, bulging discs, herniated discs, sprains and strains. Most of these injuries will require ongoing chiropractic care.
Image of female driver in white shirt grabbing her neck as she experiences one of the common injuries from car accidents.

The Reasons that You Might not Know that You Are Injured 

The reason that you may not notice these serious or common injuries at the time of the collision is because your body will have an inordinate amount of adrenaline that was released during the crash. In addition to that, when you have been hit from behind, you and your passengers may suffer from whiplash, and it results in strains, tears and pulls. It also damages the tissues and bones in your shoulders. This type of injury can lead to pain and impairment that lasts for several months if you do not have it promptly treated. 

You may have been hit by an object during your collision that damaged your internal organs, and this is something that you wouldn’t necessarily know right away. The bleeding begins if the blow you suffered caused your blood vessels to rupture, and you may not see that this common injury has occurred. There are symptoms, however, and they are dizziness and fatigue. They commonly occur in the abdomen and brain. Those who experience dizziness, pain in the abdomen or serious headaches may be suffering from internal bleeding, and they need to be seen by a physician right away. 

You Don’t Need Serious Injuries to Get Help from an Attorney 

If you didn’t suffer any of the serious injuries listed above, we can still help you. You deserve to be represented by an attorney even if you only have scrapes, swollen or aching joints, hairline fractures, a bloody or broken nose, cuts, friction burns, bruises or scratches. 

These seemingly common injuries need to be treated in the same way as broken bones and concussions because they can turn into something much more serious as time goes by. They have even been known to cause death. Therefore, don’t refuse to go to the emergency room under any circumstances. If you do this, it could jeopardize your case. 

Some other common, yet serious injuries also include the amputation of body parts, a cracked or fractured skull, slipped discs, wounds that require stitches and facet joint syndrome. 

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