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Finding ways to stay active during the pandemic led to a lot of creativity, cleaning and frustration. With the stay at home orders lifted pretty much everywhere many people can’t wait to get back into the regular swing of things and head back to the gym. While getting back to regular workouts is a great idea there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it. Let’s take a look at how you can get back in the gym without risking injuries.

Start From a Solid Place

When you first head back into the gym there are things you should consider to make sure that you are getting started on the right foot: 

  • Get real about where you are: Be honest with yourself about how you feel and how much activity that you had during the pandemic. You might want to check your step counter or daily checklist and make sure you really have been doing as much as you used to. It is easy to over exert yourself if you are starting from where you were instead of where you are now. 
  • Don’t miss your annual check-up: If you haven’t been exercising like you used to and  especially if you live in a place where you had to stay indoors a lot or you actually had the COVID-19 virus, you really need to check with your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to start working out or playing sports again.
  • Remember to stretch: It is always important to get your muscles warmed up and stretched out before you start a workout, not doing so will leave you at risk for injuries especially when you haven’t worked out in a while.
  • Fuel up: Even if you have embarked on a post pandemic diet, don’t leave yourself without fuel for your workout. Make sure you have had sufficient calories and that you are well hydrated when you hit the gym.
  • Know your body: Be careful to not push yourself too hard in the beginning, and if you aren’t feeling well, remember that it is okay to take a day off every now and again.
  • Check your gear: Depending on what kind of work out you are going to do this may be your first one in more than a year. You will want to make sure that you have all of your gear together and that it is clean and in good working order. You don’t want to get an injury because of faulty gear.
Young woman drinking water in the gym. Exercise concept.

Tips For Returning to the Gym

This is probably going to be your first time back in the gym after quite a while. Here are some things to keep in mind when at the gym:

  • Keep it clean: Everyone has learned a lot about keeping clean from the last year or so. It is still a good idea to wipe down any machines and equipment before and after you use them. Also, don’t forget to follow any COVID-19 safety protocols that your gym may still have in place. They are there to keep you safe!
  • Take it easy: Start with simpler and easier activities and progress back up to where you were. This will help you to avoid injuries from over exertion.
  • Consider a trainer: For a lot of people getting into the gym (or back into the gym) is a lot easier with the assistance of a trainer. They will help you know how much is enough as well as help you make sure that you are doing exercises correctly.

If you find yourself having a lot of stiffness and soreness when you get back in the gym or you have shoulder pain, back pain or other pains associated with your workouts, chiropractic care can help. Visit North Miami Beach Chiropractic Center online for a free consultation today!

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