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Many people do not seek treatment because they do not feel this immediate pain after an automobile accident, but keep in mind, pain is sometimes the last symptom you may feel, and the first symptom to resolve after treatment. Pain is not how we measure health… FUNCTION is however.

The most common injury related to automobile accidents is whiplash. This is caused by a sudden movement of the head or back to jolt front to back or side to side or both. This can result in damage to the cartilage, ligaments, muscles and other tissue surrounding the areas. This type of damage can cause scar tissue, if not treated can become permanent, causing constant flare ups over your lifetime and other potential neurological problems, which will worsen without over time without rehabilitative care. Chiropractic can help reduce or resolve potential scar tissue build up, accelerate the body’s natural healing process and restore you back to normal function quickly and safely, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Most people involved in an automobile accident have the option to pay for their treatment using their own insurance, or if it was not your fault, your case can be settled through insurance claims, thus allowing you to receive the treatment you deserve at no or little cost to you. Unfortunately though, numerous studies have shown that roughly half of people involved in a whiplash injury have ongoing problems related to their injuries and require ongoing treatment.

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