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North Miami Beach Chiropractor

For anyone suffering from back pain, neck pain or disc herniation finding relief is the number one priority. There are many different ways to find relief, from pharmaceutical options to surgery and other treatments. However, one of the best options for many people is spinal decompression therapy where traction is used to restore space between the vertebrae, which in turn, relieves pressure on the surrounding nerves. Let us share five excellent benefits to this treatment, which may help you decide if it would be a good choice for you or a loved one.

  • Decompression is Painless – Unlike surgery, which itself is painful and requires weeks or months of follow up, decompression is painless. You’ll often find an immediate sense of relief during the process and afterwards as you continue to recover. You may only have some slight muscle aches, comparable to a workout, as your body adjusts to this new sensation. Most people find this pleasant, in fact.
  • Reduced Side Effects – Read the list of side effects for any painkiller and you’ll likely decide that you’d rather live with back pain. The side effects from spinal decompression are minimal, if any, for most people. You’ll get pain relief without worry that something else will go wrong too.
  • Lower Costs – Spinal decompression is quite affordable when compared to surgery or even with ongoing pharmaceutical therapy. You’ll be pleased with the cost for treatment from your chiropractor when compared to these other options.
  • All-Natural – If you are doing everything you can to eat organic food and treat your body to all-natural ingredients, why would you want to take more medication than necessary? Spinal decompression is an all-natural alternative to medication.
  • You are In Control – When you work with a knowledgeable and experienced North Miami Beach chiropractor, you’ll be the one calling the shots. It will be much easier to get the results you need and want when you’re working in partnership with your medical provider.

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