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You know how important it is to take care of your skin, especially here in North Miami Beach. Sunscreen, water, exercise, and good nutrition are a vital part of keeping your skin safe, but your circulation has the biggest job of all: delivery of nutrients and detoxification your body. In order to understand how your body’s circulation remains uninterrupted, we need to look a little deeper at movement.

We’ve all had that pins and needles feeling when we’ve slept on our arm a little funny, only to find that moving the arm restores all feeling and takes away the odd sensation within a few minutes. Why does this happen? You’ve restored circulation to the arm!

Now imagine a tight muscle or bony structure causing compression on a nerve leading to that arm. Try as you might, shaking your arm probably won’t help much because the problem is compression in your neck or shoulder region. It is likely you will feel a little restricted in the area as well, although nerve compression can occur independent of interrupted range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustments remove this interference, restoring nerve flow to the arm and allowing you to use it pain free. The same is true for any part of your body that is supplied by a nerve…which is virtually all of you. Keep your body working at 100% and PREVENT pain from occurring with regular chiropractic treatments.

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