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Top 8 Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits You Should Know About

Chiropractic Blogger • Sep 29, 2021

There are more chiropractic adjustment benefits than you might expect. Keep reading and discover the many benefits here.

Chronic pain can be a tricky issue to manage on your own—which is why many people don’t. Research shows that an estimated 35 million Americans see a chiropractor each year for a huge range of issues, most of them pertaining to chronic aches and pains.

However, you might be surprised by some of the reasons for their visits, as well as the health improvements they see after the fact. After all, it’s a little-known fact that chiropractic care offers a wide spectrum of benefits for your overall quality of life.

Whether you’re looking for tension relief or dealing with a major injury, here are some chiropractic adjustment benefits you’ll want to take advantage of!

1. Reduced Pain

Let’s start with the obvious: most people who come to see a chiropractor are seeking pain relief for one or more physical symptoms.

Neck pain, lower back pain, and upper back pain are among our most frequent complaints. This is especially true among people who tend to work at a desk for a living. In addition, we also see many patients who need pain relief after a serious accident or injury.

Tailored to relieve the specific cause of your pain, chiropractic adjustments are simple, non-invasive procedures that can help restore proper alignment in the body. These adjustments can be in addition to other therapies such as cold laser treatment or Graston Technique therapy.

2. Reduced Need for Prescription Pain Relievers

A side benefit to reduced pain is a reduced need for pain relievers. Many doctors prescribe opioid pain relievers for patients who experience chronic pain. While these medications can help you manage your pain, some patients prefer not to rely on such strong prescriptions in order to achieve a better quality of life.

That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Patients who see a chiropractor on a regular basis often reduce their need for prescription pain relievers, according to one recent study.

3. Reduced Need for Back Surgery

Depending on your condition, your primary care physician may advise you to go under the knife in order to restore your back health. For certain painful conditions like scoliosis or sciatica, surgery can sometimes feel like the best or even only option.

However, you may find that chiropractic care helps to address the problem without the need for an invasive procedure. Spinal manipulation can help tackle the root cause of your condition. This is why the experts recommend this and other therapies as a first resort before opting for back surgery.

4. Pain Prevention

Once chiropractic care addresses your current pains, you may be tempted to stop your regular visits altogether—but not so fast!

It’s worth noting that chiropractic care can be a preventative measure when it comes to pain relief. This type of care can correct small misalignments before they snowball into larger issues.

Visiting a chiropractor every once in a while, even when you have no current pain, can help you prevent problematic conditions and even injuries. From carpal tunnel to sports injuries to migraines, chiropractic treatment can keep many common issues at bay.

5. Headache and Migraine Relief

If you deal with regular headaches or debilitating migraines, you know what a negative impact they can have on your quality of life. For most people, it’s easy to turn to over-the-counter pain relievers to treat these common conditions. However, this stopgap measure won’t address the root cause of your condition.

In some cases, the cause of headaches and migraines is poor spinal alignment, especially in the neck area. Depending on your condition, a chiropractic neck adjustment may help address this misalignment and relieve your head pain for the long term.

6. Better Sleep

A natural result of the pain reduction that chiropractic care offers is better sleep.

Patients who experience chronic pain often have a hard time drifting off at night. This is especially true when it’s difficult to find a comfortable and pain-free position to lie in. In some cases, even minor misalignments can cause body tension that makes it difficult to sleep.

With chiropractic care to address these issues, many patients find themselves more likely to get a good night’s rest, night after night.

7. Lower Blood Pressure

A classic 2007 study by hypertension specialist George Bakris found that a cervical chiropractic adjustment can help lower your blood pressure as much as blood pressure medication can. In the years since, follow-up studies have supported this finding. In other words, chiropractic care can be a great, medication-free way to manage your blood pressure for the long term.

8. Increased Range of Motion

To some extent, it’s normal to notice a slightly reduced range of motion or limited flexibility as you age. However, if you’ve noticed that your range of motion is much smaller than it used to be, it might be time to visit a chiropractor.

Spinal misalignment can make it more difficult to do everyday tasks like putting on a seatbelt, bending over, or turning your head. This can be a result of tension in the muscles or spine, or it can be a lingering result of a past injury. With chiropractic care to address the underlying causes of your limited motion, you might find that your overall function has improved in no time.

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