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6 Tips for Getting the Best Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Blogger • Dec 21, 2021

Looking for some tips on how to get the best chiropractic care? Then feel free to review this short breakdown on the subject at any time.

Are you experiencing back pain for a while now?

You need not endure any pain. After all, a chiropractor can help you find the root issue and treat it.

Around 77% of patients who received chiropractic care rated it as “very effective.” However, you have to find the best practitioner for your specific situation.

How do you find the right one for you? Our guide can help. Continue reading to learn some tips on choosing the right chiropractor. 

1. Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

First, check whether your friends and family went to a chiropractor. Ask if they can recommend their current chiropractor for you.

While you’re at it, do a little interview about their experience. Get some answers to the following questions.

  • Why did they go to a chiropractor?
  • What issue did they have? Was it resolved?
  • How did their recovery process go?
  • Would they go back again?

Their answers should help gauge whether their recommendation is worth checking out. It’s better when they can give a referral for a car accident chiropractor. Still, consider the other names they give as future references. 

Visit Google when you need more recommendations. Use search terms like “injury from car accident chiropractor” to get specific chiropractors for your condition. Once the results appear, select the clinics near you.

You can also ask your primary care doctor for their recommended chiropractors. If you have an insurance plan, get a list of referrals under your coverage.

2. Find Reviews from Previous Customers

Once you have a list, you can start trimming them down. The internet is also full of customer reviews, but be careful of lies.

Filter through the reviews and find some from real people. Search through Facebook, blog posts, and other websites. Their stories can give an insight into how a chiropractor operates and provides care.

Reading reviews also allows you to discover how the appointment process works. Previous customers usually discuss the waiting times, staff friendliness, and price when talking about their experience. Still, your chiropractor’s expertise is the most crucial consideration.

If you sustained car accident injuries, look for reviews from patients who went to a chiropractor after the scenario. You can better relate to their experience, and you might even be able to ask them more questions.

3. Check the Credentials

Chiropractors must have a license as the bare minimum. It tells you they went through proper training to gain the necessary skills to provide chiropractic care.

Clinics who can’t show their credentials are a red flag. On the other hand, do not put blind trust in chiropractors with certificates.

You can always verify their certifications online. Check your state’s licensing board website and look for their name there. You can also find other information, such as:

  • Their medical school
  • Training hospital
  • Other certifications

Should they have any history of malpractice or disciplinary issues, it would show up during your research. If you can’t find any information about their credentials, move on to the next chiropractor on your list.

4. Schedule a Consultation

Credentials, good reviews, and experience don’t matter when you’re not comfortable with your chiropractor. Schedule a visit to determine whether they can help.

Most chiropractors offer a free consultation. Call their clinic, ask if they’re accepting new patients, and check their earliest free slot. Prepare a list of questions to ask on your visit.

As you talk face-to-face with the chiropractor, you can see how they treat and communicate with you. Do they explain things well? Are they respectful and welcoming?

If your answer is a “yes” to these things, you might have the right chiropractor. A crucial part of healing is your level of comfort. They should also be able to explain your condition and their treatment plan to ensure you understand.

Never forget to ask for their experience while you’re at their office. See if they have encountered cases similar to yours and how they handled them.

5. Know Your Insurance Coverage

Does your insurance coverage include chiropractic care? For some health concerns, like neck and back pain, your plan might cover your therapy costs.

Talk to your insurance provider about your chosen chiropractors and see whether they are within the network. The agent should provide a breakdown of the coverage.

Ask the clinic for their fees, as well. You might have to pay out of your pocket for a practitioner when they are not within your insurance coverage. If you think the chiropractor is worth your time, you have to manage your budget.

For car accidents, make sure they can work with your attorney on a lien basis. A car accident chiropractor settlement isn’t uncommon, so feel free to discuss this on your first visit.

6. Identify Their Techniques

Chiropractors use various techniques to cure your problems. You might already have a preferred method. Otherwise, consider asking a practitioner about their recommended treatment for your condition.

Some might only use adjustments by hand, while others like using instruments. There are also low-force techniques, such as the Activator Method.

Ask about these during your initial consultation. If you want, you can research more at home to see if you’re comfortable with their treatment offers.

However, if your chiropractor claims they invented a new technique you can’t get anywhere else, it can be a red flag. New chiropractic methods take years to develop. You might become a guinea pig for this treatment.

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