Spinal Rehabilitation Assistance To Live A Better Life

Chronic pain can create a direct barrier to living a rich full life. Why suffer from sciatic nerve pain, migraines, tension headaches, or ongoing muscle pain? In Florida, Dr. Rose can help you manage or eliminate that pain to get back to your sunny days.

Healing and Recovery

When you suffer an injury, your first thought is getting rid of the pain and back to health. Ongoing aches are more than an inconvenience. Pain can mean being unable to support your family. Injuries can prevent you from sharing triumphs and hard times with friends.

If you have been physically hurt, seeking the proper care can get you back to life.

Chiropractic Care

Chronic pain is often the result of misalignments within the body. Our experienced and well-trained chiropractors can provide safe, strategic adjustments to get you moving. We began with a focus on spinal rehabilitation. However, we can perform adjustments to almost everywhere on your body.


Several forms of physiotherapy can help with injury rehabilitation. Therapeutic Ultrasound can help to heal swelling and chronic inflammation in soft tissues. Electro-Muscle Stimulation uses tiny electrical impulses to ease pain and promote healing. Mechanical traction can help to ease compression in the spinal disks by increasing vertebral space.


The pain-relieving and general relaxation benefits of massage are well known. There is a difference between general massage and therapeutic massage. Services by our qualified masseuses can be covered by some health care plans. Whether preventing or healing an injury, massage can be an essential part of pain management.

Preventing Further Injury

Aside from direct injury healing, we also offer pain management and prevention services. After all, what is the point of healing only to aggravate the injury every time? Contact us to help you stay pain-free for life!

Corrective Exercises

Every gym is full of “experts” who can give you advice on how to get in shape. However, a doctor can best provide specific exercises for your body and injuries.

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