Autumn Injuries

Tips for Preventing Autumn Injuries

During autumn, many people push their bodies physically as they tend to outdoor tasks that need to be completed before cooler weather settles in. If you are suffering from pain or discomfort due to your fall activities, our team at NORTH MIAMI BEACH Chiropractic is ready to help. Our NORTH MIAMI BEACH location offer a wide range of non-invasive techniques that work to alleviate your back or neck pain, helping you get back to doing the autumn activities you love. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding injuries this fall.

Stretch Before Starting an Activity

It is wise to take the time to stretch your muscles before you engage in any type of strenuous activity. Stretching will help to prime your muscles for movement, making it less likely that you will sustain an injury. Our chiropractors can teach you how to properly perform basic stretching and strengthening exercises during your next consultation.

Take Your Time and Take Breaks

Many people get involved in raking leaves or tending to their yard and forget to take breaks. Always finding time for breaks throughout the day is vital in giving your body proper care. It’s also a good idea to avoid overexerting yourself, especially if you are not used to doing physical work outside. It is also important to slow down your activity rather than try to hurry to get it done as quickly as possible. When you move fast, you are more apt to injury yourself.

See Our Chiropractor for Assistance

If you injure yourself doing yard work, or if you want to ensure your body is up for the task of being able to tend to your yard without difficulty, make an appointment with us for a professional assessment. We can provide a thorough diagnosis of your current condition and recommend various non-invasive techniques to help improve your overall health.

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