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Got Headaches? We can help.

There are many reasons we get headaches, and because of this there is not one treatment that will make them go away. They can be dietary (food intolerances or allergies), related to hydration, stress induced, or related to your sleeping habits to name a few. So what can you do when plagued with headaches?

First, you want to be sure a bigger problem does not exist.

Ruling out cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other common disorders is a good idea, and can be done with some simple bloodwork at your physician’s office. Always communicate any concerns with your physician. A trip to the eye doctor will rule out any problems with your vision, as this can be a leading cause of headaches. The correct prescription or type of glasses for your work habits will make a huge difference!

Next, check out your pillow.

How long have you had it? Does it offer your neck support at night? If not, try this simple trick to see if you need more support. Roll up a light towel or heavy t-shirt, and put it inside the pillow case that rests under the nape of your neck. The “roll” should support the neck, and will likely help if you’ve been sleeping on a flat pillow. Side sleeper? Simply tilt the pillow to follow the angle of your jaw, usually around 45 degrees. This will help the muscles in your neck to relax at night, decreasing tension related headaches. If you feel better after a few days, I recommend a new pillow with the support built in.

Neck stiffness and tension could be the problem.

Give yourself a quick range of motion test by bringing your chin to your chest, looking up to the sky, bringing each ear to the respected shoulder, and rotating both directions. Stiffness? Soreness? Crackling? These are all signs your neck range of motion is probably less than 100% and can lead to tense muscles. Chiropractic care reduces these symptoms by removing restrictions in the joints, allowing the muscles to relax and the neck to move freely.

Will chiropractic help you?

Studies show chiropractic care is a safe and extremely effective way to increase the movement in your joints and often aids in dissipating headaches. Maintaining this motion is preventative and may keep headaches from returning, or at the very least decrease the intensity and/or frequency of your headaches.

So the next time you can’t turn your neck far enough to back your car out of the garage, think about consulting a chiropractor! Keeping headaches away is one of many benefits regular chiropractic care provides.

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