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Suffering from shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is a very common finding in my office, and patients often ask if chiropractic treatments can help with the pain associated with some types of movement. This is known as frozen shoulder, and can be quite debilitating when left untreated.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of “frozen shoulder” are:
  • Severe, sharp, catching pain at the front of the shoulder.
  • Pain from mild activity.
  • Pain when dressing and grooming, such as reaching for a back pocket, putting on a coat, hooking a bra, or brushing the hair.
  • Pain down the upper, outer side of the arm and side of the neck.
  • Night pain, especially when lying on the affected side.

In addition to offering chiropractic adjustments, we offer soft tissue treatments such as Fascial Stretch Therapy and Active Release Technique, or ART. By lengthening tight, painful muscles, these effective assisted stretching techniques helps increase range of motion and decreases pain.

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