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Did you know that your sleeping habits may be to blame for your neck pain and headaches?

Do you find that your neck feels great for a few days following your chiropractic visits, but the soreness tends to return? Ordinary pillows generally do not provide enough support for your head, neck, and spine causing you to wake with discomfort. Cervical pillows offer support to the spine and provide proper alignment overnight, preventing the stiffness and soreness people often wake with. This proper alignment and posture will help to reduce tension through the day, enabling greater mobility.

Sleep on your side? Cervical pillows work great for you too! Simply rotating the pillow to allow the supportive portion of the pillow to follow your chin makes side sleeping comfortable and supportive.

Not ready to purchase a cervical pillow? Try this temporary solution to determine whether you need more support:
  1. Take a light towel or t-shirt and roll it until it forms a small to medium size roll.
  2. Place the roll in the pillowcase of your current pillow near the place your neck rests.
  3. Rotate the pillow as needed depending on your sleeping habits. Back sleepers can keep the pillow straight.

If you find your neck is improved by this small change, it may be time to look for a new pillow. We can order all types of pillows in varying price ranges, and are happy to help you find the pillow of YOUR dreams!

Remember, many times true health requires regular, consistent maintenance; by adding proper support to your current wellness plan those days of waking in pain just might disappear.

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